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God witnessing a human drinking cow's milk for the first time
  • god: why are you approaching that cow
  • god: what are you doing
  • god: no
  • god: what
  • god: are you seriously going to do that
  • god: oh fuck, he's doing it
  • god: he's actually doing it
  • god: this is fucked up
  • god: I've fucked up
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Evening Dress
Callot Soeurs, 1925
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

I just saw a dA drawing of Charmander lighting Vulpix’s bong with his tail I’m deleting my account

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A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées.
Submitted by Catherine Cussy.

untitled by nequest on Flickr.

By Sibylline
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